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Providing YOU with the goods to get BIG & STRONG in up to 60 minutes



What Is The Strength Formula​

The Strength Formula brings multiple strength & muscle-building disciplines into ONE ULTIMATE Programme while providing you with the tools to gain a deeper understanding of the WHY & HOW behind the exercise selection.

🫵 We provide YOU with the goods to get BIG & STRONG in up to 60 minutes

🥵 Have you been stuck at a strength plateau?

😞 Have you stopped putting on muscle?

📝 The Strength Formula is your Ultimate Cheat Sheet for gains

What Does The Strength Formula include

4x per week lifting sessions focusing on Building Muscle & getting progressively Strong AF in the process.

2x Strength Building days & 2x Muscle Building days broken down like:

01 Squat & Press Strength

02 Pull & Hinge Strength

03 Lower Body Muscle Building

04 Upper Body Muscle Building

We also have 1 optional day per week focused on Aerobic Fitness, Abs & T-Shirt Fillers.

We build our FITNESS using ERGs like a BikeERG/Watt Bike, RowERG or SkiERG.

We utilise tried and tested muscle-building techniques for BIGGER Chest, Shoulders & Arms as our T-SHIRT FILLERS 💪

While incorporating some FUNCTIONAL ABS. Making sure we HOLD + CARRY heavy objects, we ROTATE + BEND to make sure we stay ready for the real-life application of strength.

What do I need access to?

No need for access to any specialised equipment. This program is suitable for any commercial gym or CrossFit box, with alternatives being given where necessary.

If you have access to a Barbell, Dumbbells & Cables/Bands, you can get building your physique RIGHT NOW.

How will I receive the program?

📲 The Strength Formula is an interactive strength & muscle building program, all delivered directly to your phone via an app called Fitr

🏋️‍♂️ All exercises have demos & include intentions on what to focus on in the exercise are laid out.

📊 You can log your weights & body metrics so you can see clear progression. 

💭 Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean max lifting every time you train or even needing to start in a place of strength.

It’s about progressively getting stronger in your chosen measure of strength.

What's included in the free trial?

The FREE TRIAL begins with a test week. We start with a test week because we want to find where you currently are & find your line in the sand to start to build strength upon.

As part of the test week we:

👉 Provide coaching videos to help you get more from your test week.
👉 Tips to get more certain exercises (from mindset to actual execution)
👉 Daily intentions of what you can expect in the session and what our goal is.

As a bonus feature, we provide you with 7 days’ worth of educational content via email as a way for me to provide more coaching value to support your Strength and Muscle Building journey.

We cover topics like 👇

👉 Nutrition strategies to help you build MORE STRENGTH and MORE MUSCLE
👉 Recovery protocols to help you get back lifting big
👉 The best supplements for getting BIG and STRONG
And much more

Now you have been taken through a full week of testing and we have your line in the sand, it’s time to build on those numbers to get you started on your Strength and Muscle Building journey.

After the trial, it’s only £50 per month. That’s the equivalent of 1 Flat White every 2 days #Bargain


By joining the team, I can guarantee you, that over the next 12 weeks and beyond, we will
📈 Increase your strength
💪 Build some high-quality dense muscle
🫁 Build an engine that keeps your fire burning strong.